About Us

We offer aerial & action photography, professional editing, media buying experience and YouTube Creators’ best practices to help you capture not just an audience’s attention, but their imaginations, too.

We apply the techniques that will make viewers lean in.

Every home has a distinctive identity and a unique story.

Everyone looking to buy a home is hoping to fall in love.

At La Strada Media, we focus on the principal storyteller’s point of view to make it a story well told, with a happy ending.

What to Drone

Successful videos must be short and engaging

56 %
Percentage of all published videos less than 2 minutes long
37 %
average video completion rate
53 %
Percentage of properties over 2 acres that utilize aerial footage
68 %
How much faster homes that feature aerial imagery sell than homes that don’t

Our Prices


  • 10-15 aerial photos


  • 10-15 aerial photos
  • Up to 5 minutes aerial footage


  • 15-25 aerial photos
  • Up to 10 minutes aerial footage
  • One final film, up to 3 minutes


  • 15-25 aerial photos
  • Up to 15 minutes aerial footage
  • Three final films, each up to 3 minutes.