About Us

La Strada Media helps you add cinematic impact to your important home productions, whether it’s a private event you are hosting or a full-on effort to market and sell your house. We specialize in aerial video and photography but can also offer fuul video production from end to end.

Aerial shots are what directors use to set up a unique time and place for the narrative that follows. In cinema’s golden age they were done with huge cranes or even aircraft. Today the most cutting-edge version of this technology can be operated from the palm of one’s hand.

We are FAA licensed drone pilots who are experienced, insured and ready to provide you with the best aerial footage at the lowest cost in the fastest turnaround time.

What to Drone

The Market
The Roof
The Unforeseen
Outdoor events
Construction Projects
Standing out

Successful videos must be short and engaging

56 %
Percentage of all published videos less than 2 minutes long
37 %
average video completion rate
53 %
Percentage of properties over 2 acres that utilize aerial footage
68 %
How much faster homes that feature aerial imagery sell than homes that don’t